If you have spent any time debating education in America, you have likely heard the saying about being in the business of education, not the education business. A slight rearranging of the phrase and a difference in emphasis brings an up a very important point. Is education business, or are we making it out business to educate the young people of this world? In other words, does education come first?

There are quite a few more ways to look at how education is viewed and handled in America, too. For example, look at how the government always makes it a national campaign issue during the election cycle. It is a major issue, but if you look at the way education is handled, you realize that it is mostly handled on the state level. Of course, you have to look at the laws surrounding education and the funding as well. Do the states handle their funding? While it is ideal to have education handled at the state and local levels, governance and assistance are needed.

Plus, it’s not just about oversight and handling education at the state level. The states also have a habit of making education business. It is hard not to when a system is required as well as a curriculum. Do you have to go as far as standardized testing, though? And then, what about those educational institutions that are geared towards grooming students for certain vocations?

education system needs training resourcesVocational and technical institutes can be a good thing. However, when education strayed a bit from tradition and made these offerings available, it left education as an institution vulnerable to people looking to make a buck. Just think about what happened during the Presidential campaign with our current President, Donald Trump. It was alleged that his Trump University, which was all about the real estate business, was a scam. There are schools in person and online schools that are getting the same rap.

You do want to make sure the piece of paper you get is worth something. So we’ve taken a look at how education can be turned into a business on all levels, from elementary school on up to college. When it comes to that piece of paper meaning something, think about what it means to get a degree from certain prestigious schools. Sure, it is supposed to be the stamp of approval when it comes to the educational practices of those institutions. However, something smells, and it is elitism and business having long been in charge of the education system in America.

If you want to make any changes, what can be done really? To be honest, if your problem is with the institution and what it has become, then your fight for education is on the ground level, whether you are a teacher, parent or administrator. The best thing you can do is to realize it is more about the interaction and dedication of those involved when it comes to education.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules governing education, choices when it comes to educational tools and curriculum and more. There are battles to fight on that front, too, even though no one is going to take education back to basics to fix certain fundamental flaws. Education must always move forward, and that requires innovation, an innovation that matches the technology available to society. It is interesting how it is important not to make education business, but it is important to focus education on preparing youth for the modern version of the business world, whatever it may be at the time.

Well written training resources are the lifeblood of all levels of education. from primary to tertiary and everything in-between.

What are the levels of education in Australia?

  • Kindergarten
    • Day care
  • Pre-school
  • Primary School
  • High School
  • Tertiary
    • TAFE
    • Registered Training Organisations
  • Post-Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters
  • Doctorate