Would you like to find an easy way to obtain page one rankings? People that are trying to earn money for their business, individuals that are able to obtain top rankings for all of their pages, tend to make the most money. If you think about the websites that you find on the Internet that is ranked in the highest positions, you automatically believe that these are the most qualified results that will provide you with the information, or the products, that you are looking for. If you would like to take advantage of this mindset that is built into every person that searches on the search engines today.

Tips from Top-SEO-Brisbane

Here are three search engine optimisation strategies that you can use to get these page one rankings.

Outbound Links

As with any other search engine optimisation strategy, being frugal with each strategy is always recommended. Outbound links are simply hyperlinks that are pointing to authority pages on the search engine that are ranking in the top position for your specific keyword. The search engine algorithms favor pages that seem to be helping those that are searching for information who are providing links to quality pages. By adding one, but no more than two, outbound authority links to every page or post that you make, you will improve your chances of getting onto page one.

Embedded Videos

Although most people will create videos and link back to their website from each video that they create, a strategy that also works very well is adding videos to each page that you generate.

The videos must rank for the keyword that you are attempting to achieve top rankings for, thus providing congruence and relevance. In the same way that the algorithms will favor pages that have outbound authority links, we will also look kindly upon those that have related embedded videos.


business planning session Thinking from the perspective of a person that is searching for a particular product, or certain information, if you have an image on each of the pages that you are trying to rank, not only will it add credibility in the minds of those searching for what you are offering, the search engines look at it in almost the same exact way. Remember, the algorithms are exactly that, mathematical formulas in computer code that are specifically written and designed to look for certain factors. Images, just like outbound links and embedded videos, will help you in your quest to achieve top rankings.

There are many search engine optimisation techniques that can be used to improve your chances of getting onto page one. By simply adding outbound links, videos, and images onto the pages that you create for your website, your chances of obtaining a page one ranking are definitely within your grasp. Remember to always send backlinks to your web pages as this is the other half of the equation. The combination of on-site and off-site optimisation strategies will always help people achieve top rankings for their targeted keyword terms.

Being a student means living cheap in a very expensive world. And the best way to approach this problem is by generating an extra income. Of course, working a job between studying and going to class is not going to be easy. But if you prioritise, your student experience can get a little easier budget-wise. So, here are some of the best jobs for university students.

1. Become A Tutor

Like all the other jobs on this list, being a tutor is not for everyone. First of all, you don’t just need to excel in whatever subject you’ll be helping other students with, but you need to be able to present it as well. And there are also some legal matters you need to sort out if you are going to hire yourself out on an independent level.

If you manage to do a good job, the references are going to follow and you will soon find yourself choosing your students.

A Team Tuition is an Australian company who says they have the best job for university students and experience isn’t necessary. The company provides all the training, the materials and the pupils. What a great deal and they fit your workload in around your studies, lectures and assignments

2. Get The Party Started As An Organiser

A club night organiser job is perfect for the socialite students with good management skills. However, get ready to work some unholy hours.

The premise is basic. As a student, you choose one night in a week to organise a student party at one of the pubs or clubs. Of course, you have made arrangements with the establishment first, because they are going to have their rules.

Then, you take the money from the ticket sales and the establishment takes the profit from the bar – everyone wins.

3. Become An Assistant

There are many ways you can go about applying for an assistant position thanks to the internet. For example, social media assistants are popping up everywhere. These are individuals, of which several are students, who get paid to handle the social network profiles for companies and enterprises.

Even small businesses are getting in on the trend, but they don’t have the time to keep their profiles updated. And who better to handle their social media profiles than up-to-date students?

You are looking at some flexible hours and some good money.

4. Contact Event Agencies

Another great job that won’t tie you down but will stay interesting is working with an event agency. They plan special events according to the company that hires them, then they hire freelance staff to make the event happen.

In many cases, students are used because they both parties aren’t looking for anything too permanent or requires too much commitment.

5. Barman And Waitress

Opting for a job behind a bar or serving customers food has always been good ways to go. Once again, working hours are typically in the evening and the money really helps. These are also some of the easier jobs to get if you can’t find anything else.

6. Internet Marketing

Many entrepreneurs and university students don’t think twice about going into internet marketing. Seeing as the universal online shopping trend is getting more popular and popular, it would be ignorant not to consider this option.

If you have some skills with setting up a website and being able to write convincing sales pages, try affiliate marketing. There are loads of passive money to be made if you do it right.

7. Drive A Taxi

It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but it can be done part-time and if you don’t have to use your own car, the money will be worth it. Contact local agencies and ask whether they need a part-time driver.

Regardless of the job you choose to take, do it well and it could be the first step to much bigger things.