When you are purchasing a property, new or old – it doesn’t matter, you need to do a great deal of due diligence. Part of the research you should carry out is the pre-purchase property inspections. Typically 2 inspections are carried out (building and pest), however, if you have a swimming pool, then you should have a 3rd inspection scheduled. Gold Coast based company TPC Property Services discuss why pre-purchase inspections are such an important part of your property buying due diligence.

property inspection

The structural report is a result of a “building inspection” and should be carried out by a qualified builder. Building Inspectors are often tradies who have grown tired of being “on the tools” and have taken to a more sedate occupation. Although considering the need to venture into a ceiling crawl space or get under a home with the limited headroom, you wonder if they really have it that easy!

The pest report is provided by a pest inspection conducted by a professional pest control expert. The pest inspector will be looking for evidence or potential for the existence of termites, timber decay or wood rot and borers. Believe me, you want to have this inspection! Imagine your horror to find you have moved into your new home and straight away discover evidence that termites have eaten away a good deal of the structure or integrity of the building. A simple building or pest inspection will pick up this evidence routinely.

Finally, if the home or commercial premises you are investigating has a swimming pool, make sure you have a pool safety report prepared. Each state of Australia has slightly different laws so it pays to make sure your potential new pool is safe and meets local guidelines.

Continue your due diligence by contacting a local property conveyancer who can guide you through the important paperwork and property checks.

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